Business Templates

Business Templates

Welcome! As you start to develop your business idea, here are some resources to help you get started.

Business Outline (Sample)

Business Concept, Customer Problem, Product/Services, Target Market, Sales/Marketing Strategy, Business Model, Competitors, Competitive Advantage, Financial Plan.

Esquema de Negocios (Ejemplo)

Resumen de la empresa, Problema de cliente, Productos y servicios, Mercado Objetivo, Clientes, Ventas/Estrategia publicitaria, Modelo del negocio, Competencia, Ventaja competitiva.

Business Start Up Checklist

This is an exercise to help you organize your thoughts, ideas and needs to start your business.

Lista de Requisitos para Abrir Un Negocio

Este ejercicio le ayuda a organizar sus pensamientos, ideas y necesidades para abrir su negocio.

Cash Flow Template

With this spreadsheet you can enter your financial information and figure out your cash flow.

Business Plan Outline

This is MERIT’s Business Plan Outline template. You can use it to fill out your own business plan.

Latest News

MERIT Endorsed Businesses on Kiva

Kiva Zip creates a way for individuals to lend small amounts (as little as $25) to businesses they like. We have endorsed Ladies of Liberty, a business that has been connected to MERIT since Diane Bishop opened the doors to her quilt and fabric business in 2009; and she is now fundraising her loan​.